Tuesday, November 23, 2010

       It´s just great to find things like this in the web. Thanks Alinne for use our illustrations for your web and for put  us in the credits. We LOVE our followers :). We can´t stop doing things for all of you.
Visit Alinnes´ blog http://bloguepeek.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh, i didn't know that its possible to use your illustrations! i even wrote mails with virginia cause i love her's that much, but if i'm allowed to, i'll use some of you illustrations in my next header and i'll put you into the credits, too, of course!
    greets, rosa

  2. Hi ROSA,

    Of course you can use them just put us on the credits :) Thanks for follow our work

  3. Hi, I'm Brazilian, I love his illustrations, put the proper credits of course, thank you liked the blog and Be spreading, I've been here forever!
    a big kiss, Aline
    I do not know if I'm writing right

  4. http://buracosnojeans.blogspot.com/

    Visit love?

  5. Hola! You're from Spain right? I'm from Mexico. I ABSOLUTELY love your drawings, you are FABULOUS artists. I hope one day I can draw like you girls(: <3

  6. hola anonymus uno de nosotros es de México del DF. gracias por visitar nuestro blog :)